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Tyre checks you need to know about!

Tyre maintenance is important! Good tyre maintenance improves the safety of your vehicle. Your tyres are the only thing maintaining contact between your vehicle and the road. To maximise your safety you need to ensure they are properly inflated and in good condition. All of the safety features in your vehicle cannot overcome the loss of control that comes from worn out or damaged tyres.

Check your tyre psi:

Checking tyre psi
Checking tyre psi
Air pressure in a tyre is like oil in an engine, when it is low the internal damage goes unseen until it is too late. Tyres naturally lose 1-2 psi per month. So it’s easy to see how ongoing neglect will result in a tyre that can’t support the weight of the vehicle. This will ultimately lead to a blow out. Which is not only annoying and costly, it could also lead to loss of control of the vehicle and an accident.

Rotate your tyres:

To increase the life of your tyres it is important to get your tyres rotated regularly. Many newer cars are front-wheel-drive. This causes the steer tyres to wear at a much faster rate than the tyres on the rear axle. You can even out the wear on your tyres by rotating the front tyres to the back and the back tyres to the front. If tyres aren’t rotated, the front tyres wear out faster and the rear tyres develop irregular tread wear patterns which cause vibrations.

Check wheel alignment:

Get your wheel alignment checked. Having properly aligned wheels reduces unnecessary wear of your tyres and improves the safety of your vehicle.

Inspect tyres regularly:

You should inspect your tyres regularly. Especially after hitting a pothole, curb or any type of road debris. Bulges, cuts, nails and other damage weaken the tyre. Making it more likely to lead to a blow out, which could cause an accident. Regular inspections will help you to identify a problem and get it fixed before it gets worse.


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