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What is the correct tyre pressure for my car?

Most cars now have a tyre placard located on or near the driver’s door, sometimes it’s in the glove box. This will have the correct pressures for that car. As a general rule 30-36 psi is the range most cars fall into, depending on car size.

Do I need to check my oil and water in between services?

Yes, a leak can develop in between services. It’s best to check the oil and water when cold. To check the oil, pull out the dipstick to check the level. Fill via the oil cap. Check the water levels in both the radiator and overflow bottle. The locations of the oil and water can vary in different cars, they can also look different. If you are unsure about your car, ask one of the team at Soutars.

Why are my head lights not very bright? 

Most cars now have plastic head light lenses and when they are out in the elements for a few years they get cloudy and restrict the light coming out. Upon request, we can  polish your head light lenses and retreat them with UV protection.

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